Digital Communicator

The Melting Pot... Born and raised in Miami Beach, I've always been taught to think outside of the box. Growing up with such a diverse culture surrounding me has taught me how to expand my creative thought process in marketing, PR, and digital media.

What first started as a hobby, turned into my major when I began school at the University of Florida. Helping my friends edit pictures and come up with clever caption ideas was only the start of what pushed me towards receiving my Bachelors of Science in Advertising with a focus in Business.

Life in the Swamp... While Gainesville enlightened me with endless creative experiences, it also opened up an interest in business. I found myself fascinated with marketing and media strategizing, which furthered my engagement in this field. Two years later and I found myself more involved in the Business school as a Teaching Assistant for a Principles of Management class. 

My experiences at school have taught me a great deal about team building, leadership, and have given me valuable insight on digital advancements in our society. Because of this, I have been able to further my understanding in the world of merging media and changing technologies .

Digital Traveler... Upon furthering my experiences at The University of Florida, I decided to challenge myself with a semester abroad. Living in Barcelona for five months gave me the ability to better adapt to new surroundings and taught me how to communicate in completely new environments.

While traveling the world, I documented each trip on various social media platforms and a blog. Growing up in the midst of the social media boom, editing and captioning posts and pictures has always come naturally to me. I was able to further my knowledge in mobile marketing and blogging by taking courses relative to these abroad. As well as in class knowledge, traveling Europe expanded my thought process and artistic ability by giving me a different outlook on the world outside of our own. This enabled me to learn and understand different cultures creativity, that I have been able to incorporate into my own thought process and ideas.


Socialite ... As if traveling the world wasn't enough, I found myself constantly surrounded with a diverse group of friends.  From sleep-away camp, to club soccer teams, and even in my sorority, I've never had issues adapting to new people in unfamiliar settings. As Captain of my High School soccer team, I was able to incorporate my communication skills with my leadership techniques in order to effectively manage my team, while creating a close bonding experience. 

In college, I was elected Director of Social Events for my sorority, where my communication skills had to be matched by my organization and multi-tasking abilities. Effectively communicating with various Greek chapters, venue and transportation services, as well as promoting these events within my chapter, taught me how to best delegate my work appropriately.

My exposure to different groups of people has enhanced my ability to excel in new environments, while enabling me to effectively manage my time even when faced with numerous obstacles . I'm excited to further my learning experiences, while contributing innovative ideas and strategies wherever the waves takes me.